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Emma Cheng and medical art

About Emma

Born in Taiwan and based in San Francisco, Emma is a medical doctor turned, award-winning artist. Her passion for bridging people inside and outside of the healthcare system motivates her art. She has experienced medicine's coldness and warmth as both patient and practitioner. Through her art she wants to show a side of healthcare that is whimsical, fun, warm, and healing.  


The Washington Post, Harvard Public Health magazine, Bristol Myers Squibb, The Scientist, Brain Navi, Speedball Art,  LEUCHTTURM1917, SUMS, Inna Organic, YOTTA, SwiftPoint, TourBox, medical doctors and clinics in Taiwan and the US, scientist from Stanford University, Harvard University, and London's Global University

Selected Jounal/Textbook publishing


ample and vials PA061809.jpg



Taipei Medical University, Doctor of Medicine, 2004- 2011

National Taiwan Normal University, Masters of Design, 2015 - 2016

Stanford University, Stanford Taiwan Biomedical (STB) Fellowship Program, 2017- 2018

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